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Best autumn colours around the world

The dog days of summer are over. But despite the chill in the air, there’s no need to be downhearted. Autumn is the most spectacular season, a last hurrah before the bitter winds of winter take hold. Pull on your walking boots and head to one of these stunning destinations to witness glorious autumn colour.  The shrine and buildings of the ancient capital of Nara are surrounded by beautiful foliage in the autumn months © John Su / 500px / Getty ImagesThe dog days of summer are over. But despite the chill in the air, there’s no need to be downhearted. Autumn is the most spectacular season, a last hurrah before the bitter winds of winter take hold. Pull on your walking boots and head to one of these stunning destinations to witness glorious autumn colour. Red, orange and gold leaves are seen against the roof of a traditional pagoda structure in JapanNara, Japan Autumn in Japan is every bit as stunning as the short-lived haname cherry blossom season in spring. Kouyou (autumn leaves) can be seen across the country, starting in the northern island of Hokkaidō and spreading quickly south from the end of September. The ancient capital of Nara, a short train ride from Kyoto, makes a wonderful viewing spot. Its vast park is awash with colour, with sensational views of red, gold and yellow leaves along the paths up to Tamukeyama shrine in its northeast corner.Yellow leaves are on trees hanging over a placid creek with misty mountains looming overheadThe window for autumn colours in Canada's Agawa Canyon is short but spectacular © hstiver / Getty Images The Forest of Dean near England's border with Wales, has a mystical atmosphere marked by gorgeous trees and wild boars © Stephen Dorey / Getty ImagesAgawa Canyon, CanadaHop on board the Agawa Canyon Tour Train this autumn and you’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful fall foliage on the planet. The ride sets off from Sault Ste Marie on the CanadaUSA border, covering 114 miles of unspoilt country that looks at its best as the days begin to close in. The views here inspired Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, Canada’s most prominent landscape artists, throughout the early 20th century. You’ll need to be quick though, as the leaves peak for a brief period around the end of September and beginning of October.Trees change color near a small bridge over water in the Forest of Dean in England; Autumn colorsForest of Dean, England This ancient woodland in Gloucestershire was once used as a royal hunting ground; its trees were also used to make Tudor warships. Today, it’s the perfect spot for the more prosaic sport of ‘leaf peeping’. The mix of oak, beech and sweet chestnut provides a rusty riot of yellow and gold. The Forest of Dean can be easily covered on foot or bike. Just keep an eye out for the wild boar that have called this place home since 2006.Red, orange and a few yellow trees punctuate the green foliage in New Hampshire as a white church steeple rises from among them and is reflected in a lake in the foreground; Autumn colorsNew England is known for 'leaf-peeping' and New Hampshire might have the best of all © Claire Gentile / Getty Images White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA New England is synonymous with ‘fall’ and picking one must-see spot isn’t easy. But New Hampshire’s White Mountains are surely one of the best places to see autumn at its most colourful, not just in New England, but the world. Hike through the hills at the start of October and you’ll be treated to brilliant red maple leaves. Or drive to Silver Cascade Falls in Carroll County to see the trees glow next to the 250ft waterfall.Yellowing grape vines stretch into the distance at a French vineyard; Autumn colorsThe vineyards of the Loire Valley are always picturesque, but never more so than when they turn gold in the Autumn © Bertin_Poiree / Getty Images  China's Huangshan Mountain is ethereal in the misty autumn, with red trees making the perfect frame © can xu / Getty ImagesLoire Valley, FranceWith the leaves on the vines turning and the summer hordes heading home, there’s never a better time to visit France’s Loire Valley. The rolling vineyards look radiant as they shed the greens of warmer months for the yellows, browns and burnt oranges of autumn. It’s also harvest time, so you can see the grapes being picked in the fields, before retiring to a cosy spot to take in the view with a glass of the local tipple.Mist clings to a mountain in China as a red-leafed tree dominates the foreground; Autumn colours The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Australia's Dandenongs are a particularly beautiful place to see yellowing leaves © Tsvi Braverman / EyeEM / Getty ImagesHuangshan Mountain, China Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, is arguably the best place in China for seeing autumn in all its glory. The range’s vertiginous peaks are covered in trees that turn a beautiful, bright red throughout October, with crowds flocking from Běijīng and Shànghǎi to take pictures. Its renowned wispy clouds give it a particularly ethereal, Chinese atmosphere. Head here at sunrise to see the foliage at its very best.A series of bridges span islands in a small lake as brilliant yellow trees drop leaves all over the ground; Autumn coloursDandenong Ranges, Australia Aussie autumn doesn’t kick off in earnest until March. And while you wouldn’t usually associate the land of beaches, surfing and summer heat with glorious autumnal colour, the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne don’t disappoint. As well as being a national park of breathtaking beauty, the area is also dotted with manicured gardens. The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens are definitely worth a visit when their lawns are carpeted with fallen leaves and their trees are aglow.Yellow trees cover the gentle slope of a mountain as evergreen trees poke out here and there; Autumn coloursCalifornia isn't as well known as America's eastern states for Autumn colours but that's beginning to change © Ron and Patty Thomas / Getty Images Bishop Creek Canyon, California, USAJust because the northeast USA gets amazing autumn colour doesn’t mean you should discount the west coast. California’s inland forests offer a great alternative, with the reds and yellows of fall holding on longer in the Golden State thanks to its hugely varied elevation. Bishop Creek Canyon is one of a number of great viewing points. Nestled in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains in Inyo County, the golden leaves here look amazing with the rocky hills as a backdrop.A Scottish loch is framed by rolling farmland and hills covered in a mixture of green and autumn-colored leaves.The deciduous trees in Scotland are decidedly stunning when the weather starts to cool © David Henderson / Getty ImagesPitlochry, ScotlandThe mountain village of San Giorgio in northern Italy is a great vantage point from which to see European autumn colours © Francesco Bergamaschi / Getty ImagesScotland’s pine forests may not change colour, but its deciduous trees offer some of the finest autumn hues in Europe. Walk out of town to the dam and fish ladder, which separates the River Tummel and Loch Faskally, to get the perfect view of waterside trees as they shed their leaves. Each October Pitlochry also plays host to the Enchanted Forest, a nightly event that sees the trees lit up to soaring music in the woods just outside town.The mountain village of San Giorgio in northern Italy is seen from above as it is awash in autumn coloursLombardy, Italy Still mild even as the leaves fall, Lombardy in northern Italy is an ideal place to see mainland Europe burst into colour. The native Lombardy poplars, which can be seen across the landscape, turn a bright yellow before their leaves fall to the floor. If you can’t make it to the countryside, Milan’s public gardens offer a great city view of autumn.

And Budapest or the Lake Balaton is very impressive in autumn colors.

Thanks for the Lonely Planet ( and unknown photographers for the pics of Budapest and Balaton.

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