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Built For Love V. - BOLDT CASTLE HEART ISLAND, NEW YORK - Master of Ceremony recommends for U

Millionaire hotelier George Boldt had a dream of building a castle as a gift for his beloved wife, Louise. With his amassed wealth, he purchased Hart Island and set out to build Boldt Castle. The island was reshaped using sea walls to resemble the shape of a heart, and renamed Heart Island. In 1900, construction began on Boldt Castle. Hundreds of workers toiled on the six-storey, 120-room abode. But Boldt’s dreams were shattered when his beloved died suddenly of heart failure at the age of 42. Devastated, Boldt put a stop to the construction and for 75 years, the unfinished castle was left abandoned. In 1977, Heart Island was bought over by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, and has since been restored and turned into a great tourist attraction.







Most Extreme News The coolest wedding dresses Tips and Tricks

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Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016
Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester győztes 2017

"Igazi öröm és büszkeség, hogy 2017-ben az ország legjobb ceremóniamestere cím győztese lettem a Hungarian Wedding Awards-on"

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2017

Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016

"It is an honor to have been among the three best ceremonies in the country in 2016 at the Hungarian Wedding Awards. "

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2016

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