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Evera & Miklos and the Master of Ceremonies

Dear Akos, our Master of Ceremonies,


We got married in Budapest in May and Akos was our MC for the day.  Our wedding would not have been the same without him taking care of the flow of the day.


Akos is funny, humorous and was a pleasure to work with.  He was introduced to us by our wedding planner.  We wanted a MC who had experience with multicultural wedding as our guests were a mix of Hungarians, Americans and Chinese.  Akos has had a lot of multicultural wedding MC experience under his belt and understands the cultural difference very well...not to mention he likes the Asian culture and travel to Asia often.  Thus, it's not surprising that he can relate to the our foreign Asian guests well.  He even proposed a fun cultural game to play during our wedding to address the language differences.   


Akos could also make a regular group wedding photo session fun.  For example, he would direct all of us to do various funny poses and action.  All our guests absolutely loved it.  It was a perfect time for all the guests to gel and have fun together.  We totally loved all the pictures with the poses he directed.  Now we understand why he has been awarded the best MC in Hungary for several years.  He totally deserves it.  We have had multiple guests coming to us to praise for his great work.


We felt that we had made the best decision to work with him.  There were so many little things that Akos did to make our wedding awesome.  We would be happy to share more feedback with anyone who is looking for Akos as a wedding MC.

Evera & Miklos

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Most Extreme News The coolest wedding dresses Tips and Tricks

Szablya Ákos Master of Ceremonies

For the perfect wedding!

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Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016
Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester győztes 2017

"Igazi öröm és büszkeség, hogy 2017-ben az ország legjobb ceremóniamestere cím győztese lettem a Hungarian Wedding Awards-on"

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2017

Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016

"It is an honor to have been among the three best ceremonies in the country in 2016 at the Hungarian Wedding Awards. "

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2016

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