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Built For Love III. -THE RUINS OF NEGROS OCCIDENTAL - Master of Ceremony recommends for U


The ruins of Negros Occidental (TALISAY CITY, PHILIPPINES)  speak of the eternal love of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson for his wife, Maria Braga. In the early 1900s, Mariano and Maria lived in Mariano’s ancestral home in Talisay City. They were blessed with 10 children, until tragedy struck when Maria was pregnant with their 11th child. Heavily pregnant, Maria fell in the bathroom; neither Maria nor her unborn child survived the fall. Heartbroken but forced to carry on for the sake of their children, Mariano built a beautiful mansion next to his home, to immortalise the memory of Maria. Although only the frame of the house remains, touches of Mariano’s love can still be seen, with the letter ‘M’ molded on each of the columns in repetitive order, symbolising ‘Maria’ and ‘Mariano’. Today, befitting its romantic history, this place is a favourite venue for weddings and pre-nuptial photo shoots. 


Most Extreme News The coolest wedding dresses Tips and Tricks

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Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016
Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester győztes 2017

"Igazi öröm és büszkeség, hogy 2017-ben az ország legjobb ceremóniamestere cím győztese lettem a Hungarian Wedding Awards-on"

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2017

Wedding awards gála - Ceremóniamester Mester jelölés 2016

"It is an honor to have been among the three best ceremonies in the country in 2016 at the Hungarian Wedding Awards. "

Hungarian Wedding Awards 2016

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